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Create Your Own Buttons at the East Palestine Library

Explore your creativity by creating buttons or magnets with the 2 1/4 button maker now available at the East Palestine Library.  Make your designs on the computer or draw your designs.  We have supplies available for small projects, but if you wish to complete a bigger project you will need to provide your own supplies.

To design artwork on the computer, sign up for a free Canva account.  Visit www.canva.com to begin.

Tonieboxes and Tonies Now Available at East Palestine Library

Tonieboxes and Tonies are now available at the East Palestine Library. A Toniebox is digital audio player cube that plays songs and stories using various Tonie characters. Each Tonie character includes certain stories and songs that play once they are placed on a Toniebox. To borrow a Toniebox, East Palestine Library cardholders must be over 18 or over and have an adult library card / account in good standing.  East Palestine cardholders is limited to borrow one Toniebox at time, and cannot borrow it consecutively borrow the same Toniebox.

2023 Memorial Donations

2023 Memorial Books and Donations

Gloria’s Promise by Robin Preiss Glasser
Real Princesses Change the World by Carrie A. Pearson
Together with You by Patricia Toht
Leeva at Last by Sara Pennypacker
In Memory of Shirley Margaret Ward
Donated by Dave’s Friends at TEAM DDS, Inc.